Just a compilation of my favorite resources for study and growth.

Liberti Church Carrara – Pastor Adam Ramsey

Church in Australia (that isn’t Hillsong) that I started listening to back in 2016. I have been challenged and encouraged by every single message that has come from here. I can’t recommend this enough if you’re looking for great teaching and solid preaching.


My Utmost For His Highest – By Oswald Chambers

My absolute most favorite daily devotional. I can read the same entry a different way every year. It has grown with me and challenged me constantly over the years that I’ve read through it.


Eat This Book – By Eugene Peterson

Learning to stop depersonalizing the Bible. Instead of interacting with God’s Word in such a utilitarian manner, entering into relationship with God through His word. Peterson talks about how to “eat” the Word of God, and to let it digest into our lives. Rather than using God’s word for our plans, we ought to interact with it in a personal way, “being drawn in to Scripture, allowing it to pull is into participation with God on His terms.”

Image result for Eat this book eugene peterson

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