Soul Care.

Soul Care. Two words that stirred up two distinct feelings in my heart: curiosity and skepticism. I’m not one who likes to delve into things that sound “out-there”, “hyper-spiritual” and strange. And “Soul Care” was definitely one of those things. I say “was,” because ever since I started reading Rob Reimer’s book, entitled Soul Care, it … More Soul Care.

Inside out.

Today marks the end of my time at my first job out of University. The feelings are bittersweet. I also don’t love it when it rains and sad things are happening, it somehow makes it harder. My time at Hydro has been nothing but positive, and it has been a time of learning to rest in … More Inside out.


There are often times when we feel like we really have no idea what God’s will is in a given situation. Granted there are choices that He won’t outright tell you what to do. You just need to make a choice, and lean into Him, and part of the decision making process and the “living … More Go.